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issued by 兵庫県立大学政策科学研究所


№1 2004.12 一般化されたLaiモデルにおける定常状態の安定性についての分析 清水隆則 岡本久之
№2 2005.6 An Analysis of Income Distribution between the North and the South : A Generalization of the Grossman-Helpman and the Lai Models Takanori Shimizu Yoshifumi Okawa Hisayuki Okamoto
№3 2005.12 Sunk costs of capital and the efficiency of enterprise forms Kazuhiko Mikami
№4 2006.5 正規‐パート間賃金格差拡大のマクロ的要因 山口 雅生
№5 2006.12 Foreign Direct Investment, Intellectual Property Rights, and Endogenous Imitation Rate in a North-South Trade Model Takanori Shimizu
№6 2007.1 わが国のコーポレート・ガバナンスのあり方をめぐって ー株主価値重視主義 VS. 従業員主権- 萩原 史朗 北野 正一
№7 2007.2 経済統合の進展によるマクロ経済および厚生への影響について 西山 博幸
№8 2007.2 Moral Hazard Followed by Adverse Selection with Multiple Agents Shiro Hagiwara Toshihide Mizuno
№9 2007.2 Changes in workers' substitutability and economic growth Hiroyuki Hashimoto
№10 2007.2 Pay-as-you-go public pension and capital accumulation in an overlapping-generations model of endogenous growth with human capital accumulation Hiroyuki Hashimoto
№11 2007.3 不等式制約の下での情報量基準に基づくモデル選択について 森谷 義哉
№12 2007.10 Requisites for Sustainable Towns in Stagnant Suburbs : A Study of Migration to High-rise Flats nearby a Subway Station Kazufumi UENO
№13 2007.10 International fragmentation, foreign direct investment and the world welfare : The new open economy macroeconomics approach Hiroyuki Nishiyama
№14 2007.10 Foreign direct investment, wage bargaining, and a firm's outside option opportunity Hiroyuki Nishiyama Masao Yamaguchi
№15 2007.11 Export Subsidies with Funding Distortion and Incompletely Informed Policymakers Sayaka Nakano Hisayuki Okamoto
№16 2008.9 Economic openness and world welfare Hiroyuki Nishiyama
№17 2009.1 Foreign direct investment, international trade, and firm heterogeneity Hiroyuki Nishiyama Masao Yamaguchi
№18 2009.3 Recycling and International Trade in General Equilibrium : A Case of Non-Trades Recycling Good Takanori Shimizu Hisayuki Okamoto
№19 2009.11 住民による局所的な比較が地方自治体の情報化に与える影響に関するシミュレーション分析 Influence of Local Comparisons Improvements of Information Technology in Local Governments : Computational Simulation 西出 哲人
№20 2009.12 食品の安全性基準の決定と戦略的貿易政策 : 水平的差別化と垂直的差別化のケース 中野 沙弥香
№21 2009.12 A Simple General Equilibrium Analysis of Recycling and International Trade Takanori Shimizu
№22 2010.3 日本の貨幣需要関数の推定 : 誤差修正モデルによる実証研究 山田 一夫
№23 2010.3 中央政府と地方政府における公共財供給の非効率性 The inefficiencies of the central and local governments in supplying public goods 東 裕三
№24 2010.4 Economic Openness,Catching up, and World Welfare Hiroyuki Nishiyama
№25 2010.4 Unemployment in an Era of Economic Openness Hiroyuki Nishiyama Yasuhiro Gintani
№26 2010.5 Strategic Trade Policy and Food Safety Standards Sayaka Nakano David Flath
№27 2010.7 Strategic Trade Policy and Food Safety Standards : A Partial Market Coverage Case Sayaka Nakano
№28 2010.10 2自治体1期モデルによる情報化に対する積極性の混在の分析 Heterogeneous Attitudes of Local Governments toward Information Technology : 2 Local Governments 1 Period Model 西出 哲人
№29 2010.11 Computation of ML estimators of unbalanced nested error component regression model with application to estimation of wage function for home helpers Toshihide Mizuno Kazuo Yoshida Hiroko Kurumai
№30 2010.12 An Analysis of Stability of the Grossman-Helpman Model of Endogenous Product Cycles : the Case of Perfect Capital Mobility Takanori Shimizu
№31 2010.12 How to Improve Food Safety : A Strategic Trade Policy Approach Sayaka Nakano
№32 2011.3 Toward an Operating the Global HRM Systems :From a Perspective of HRM Systems Reform Tamiko Kasahara Shingo Nishii
№33 2011.3 Sunk costs of physical capital and the form of enterprises : investor-owned firms,consumer cooperatives and public enterprises Kazuhiko Mikami
№34 2011.3 労働、資産の不均等分布と所得格差 -Krugman型独占的競争モデルによる一考察- 石黒 靖子
№35 2011.3 非営利組織体における財務報告の一考察 兵藤 和花子
№36 2011.4 Firm heterogeneity and location strategy of Japanese multinationals Hiroyuki Nishiyama
№37 2011.5 Is the policy of corporate tax reduction really beneficial for the Singapore economy? Hiroyuki Nishiyama
№38 2011.5 非営利組織体の財務的基盤とその会計 兵藤 和花子
№39 2011.5 組織的公正理論の発展に向けて:Y社のケース 三崎 秀央
№40 2011.5 For-profit versus non-profit:The provision of excludable public goods by private firms Kazuhiko Mikami
№41 2011.6 レクリエーション需要関数の推定式から誘導した効用関数の応用一般均衡モデルへの適用 坂本 直樹 中嶌 一憲
№42 2011.7 Not-for-profit hospitals and the quality of medical care Kazuhiko Mikami
№43 2011.9 地方分権下における地方公共サービスの効率性分析 An Efficiency Analysis of Local Public Services under the Decentralization 東 裕三
№44 2011.10 Is Social Welfare Increased By Private Firm Entry?: From a coopetition viewpoint Takeshi Yoshikawa
№45 2012.1 Firm heterogeneity and geographical location choice of Japanese multinationals in Southeast and Southwest Asia」 西山 博之
№46 2012.1 Management Capabilities : An Analysis of Interbrand “Best Global Brands” Susumu Harada
№47 2012.1 Factors Centralized Coordination in Global Brand Management : The Shiseido Case Susumu Harada
№48 2012.2 Two-Level CES Production Function,Mobility and Economic Growth Yasuyuki Osumi
№49 (Rev. version) 2012.5 The Fitted Relationship between HRM and the Global Strategy: An Exploratory Case Study of Knowledge-Intensive Firms Tamiko Kasahara Shingo Nishii
№50 2012.4 品質上昇型プロダクト・サイクルモデルにおける定常状態の安定性に関する分析 -模倣活動が外生的で追従者が非効率的なケ-ス- 清水 隆則
№51 2012.7 移民のグラビティモデルの推定 -アジア移民に対する人間開発の影響- Estimation of the gravity model for migration -How do Human Development affect migration in Asia?- 山田 航
№52 2012.8 The general equilibrium analysis on levying carbon tax in China Chen Xiaojie
№53 2012.8 Stability Analysis of the Gustafsson-Segerstrom Model of North-South Trade with Increasing Product Variety Takanori Shimizu
№54 2012.10 The Source of Marshall's Thoughts on Economic Progress with a Focus on his Study of American Industry Naoki Matsuyama
№55 2012.10 A Note on "Intellectual Property Rights and Quality Improvement" Takanori Shimizu
№56 2012.10 英語教師のつぶやき -英語教育改革への提言- 冨永 英夫
№57 2012.11 Whether China could achieve double dividend when levying carbon tax:Based on the analysis of CGE model Xiaojie Chen
№58 2013.2 経済統合の進展と対外資産残高の推移 石黒 靖子
№59 2013.2 Two-Level CES Production Technology, Mobility and Aggregate Labor Shares -Skill-Biased Technical change vs. Capital Intensity - Yasuyuki Osumi
№60 2013.2 プロダクト・サイクルと南北の所得分配 清水 隆則
№61 2013.4 Trade expansion,firm heterogeneity,and a new insight into the linkage between price and unemployment Hiroyuki Nishiyama Yasuhiro Gintani
№62 2013.6 Exchange rate fluctuation and intra-industry reallocation in the firm heterogeneity model Hiroyuki Nishiyama
№63 2013.8 Does “the Spirit of Capitalism” always Generate Long-run Growths? Shiro Kuwahara
№64 2013.10 The Discovery of BSE-Infected Cows and Import Restrictions by Japan Sayaka Nakano
№65 2014.3 地域統合の深化と経常収支の推移に関する計量的分析 石黒 靖子
№66 2014.3 地域活性化とクラスター戦略
伊佐 由記子,金内 誠,須田 義人, 西井 進剛
№67 2014.3 戦略的人的資源管理の新たな展望 三崎 秀央
№68 2014.3 近畿地方における電子化の進捗傾向に関する定性的考察
Qualitative Discussion of Improvements in Electronic Local Governments in Kinki Area
西出 哲人
森谷 義哉
№69 2014.3 Aggregate Elasticity of Substitution and Structural Change Yasuyuki Osumi
№70 2014.3 Endogenous Skill Allocation, Productivity, and Wage Inequalities Takeshi Nakatani
Yasuyuki Osumi
№71 2014.3 Wages and Unemployment in the Medium Run Hideyuki Adachi
Yasuyuki Osumi
№72 2014.5 Multiple Steady States, and Poverty Traps in the Uzawa–Lucas Model with Educational Externality Effects Shiro Kuwahara
№73 2014.5 Regime Change, Take-off, and Poverty Trapsin an Endogenous Growth Model with Multiple Steady States Shiro Kuwahara
№74 2014.9 A consideration of the euro convergence criteria and external imbalance Yasuko Ishiguro
№75 2014.10 国際的なアウトソーシングの経済厚生分析
清水 隆則
№76 2014.12 Revisiting Housing and The Business Cycle Quoc Hung Nguyen
№77 2015.2 国際的なアウトソーシングと知的所有権保護政策 清水 隆則
№78 2015.2 企業のロックイン現象を活用した競争戦略にむけた予備的考察 山部 洋幸
山口 隆英
№79 2015.2 Service Sector Features and Macro Elasticity of Substitution Yasuyuki Osumi
№80 2015.2 介護職員と訪問介護員の学歴年齢構造 水野利英
№81 2015.2 独占的競争とマクロ経済政策
石黒 靖子
№82 2015.3 ブラジルにおける景気変動と中央・州財政運営 河合 沙織
福味 敦
№83 2015.3 A Comparative Analysis of the Industrial Structure of China and India Hiroko Hagiwara
№84 2015.4 On the emergence of nonprofit firms as alternatives to the government Kazuhiko Mikami
№85 2015.10 Demand Heterogeneity, Non-neutrality of Money and Optimal Share of Government Spending Yasuko Ishiguro
№86 2015.12 Multiple Steady States, Poverty Traps and Indeterminacy in the Uzawa–Lucas Model with Small and Large Educational Externality Shiro Kuwahara
№87 2016.1 R&D-based Growth, Poverty Traps, and Multiple Steady States in an Endogenous Growth Model with R&D Externality Shiro Kuwahara
№88 2016.1 Power Sector Reform in India:Current Status and Issues Atsushi Fukumi
№89 2016.2 A Study of Text mining for Research into the History of Economic Thought:The case of Alfred Marshall's Principles of Economics (1890) Naoki Matsuyama
№90 2016.2 Labor Supply Flexibility, Taxation and Cross-Border Portfolio Choice Quoc Hung Nguyen
№91 2016.2 アウトソーシングとイノベーション
清水 隆則
№92 2016.2 Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth in China Hiroko Hagiwara